Genomineerde aan het woord: Kentaste Products Limited

Since 2015, the Dutch Crowdfunding Awards, an initiative of the Netherlands Crowdfunding industry association, have paid tribute to the best crowdfunding campaigns in the Netherlands. This year, we again celebrate the best that crowdfunding has to offer.

In the run-up to the awards we are already presenting all lucky entrepreneurs who are nominated for the title Best Crowdfunding Campaign 2016-2017. Today we’d like to feature Kentaste Products Limted. Through Lendahand they have raised EUR 100.000.

1.Yes! You have been nominated for a Crowdfunding Award, how does that feel?

It feels amazing as we have only had less than 12 months of crowdfunding experience

2.What does Kentaste Products Limited do?

Kentaste Products is in the business of buying coconuts from Kenyan smallholder farmers and producing premium virgin coconut oil for the local market.

3.Why did you choose for crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise awareness of your brand and experience the power of tapping into the crowd for raising capital.

4.Would you recommend crowdfunding to others? Why (not)?

Yes, I would recommend crowdfunding as an alternative to institutional fund raising.

5.What was the main lesson you learned during the crowdfunding campaign?

We learned about the importance of crafting a compelling story to attract and motivate our funders.

6.What was the most memorable moment in your campaign?

The speed at which the project got funded (within less than 24 hours). That was totally amazing.

7.Are you planning to use crowdfunding again in the future?

Yes, crowdfunding is the future of our company’s ability to quickly and efficiently raise capital on behalf of our clients.


Curious about all nominees? Check it out!

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